About us

Who we are

Our team provides IT services including software development, database consulting and education both in Hungary and abroad, with an ever growing tendency.

Our consultants monitor and manage Oracle Database and Middleware systems as well as Linux and Unix operating systems, and our team is the only one providing 24/7 hotline support.

The members of our software developing team have experience in JavaEE, SOA, Business Intelligence and mobile applications. They develop tailor-made and customized reusable systems and work on outsourced projects.

As an Oracle Education Center we play an essential role in Oracle Database education in Hungary, and our educators’ savvy are acknowledged on international markets. Participants are usually satisfied with the courses we organize and they return to us.

Our work is characterized by reliability and professional competence. Our expertise and trustworthiness have made us one of the most influential IT companies in Hungary.  Our everyday life is characterized by good mood, great teamwork and human values.

Ars poetica

Our operating philosophy is based on three pillars: continuous professional improvement, strong community and support of human values.

We can only keep up with the fast developing IT world if we do everything for the professional development of our staff. We provide flexible working hours for our student status employees, encourage everyone to improve themselves, organize the knowledge transfer within the company and visit workshops and conferences.

We strive not only to keep up with the fast-paced IT world, but also to become part of its development by constantly learning and using new technologies.

As a strong community we spend our days in good mood not only with our colleagues but also with our friends. We achieve professional success while embracing human values. We pay dedicated attention to our employees with small children, we organize team building events and try to ensure a pleasant work environment. We are always honest with customers, we represent their interests and work on the implementation of their ideas as our own.

The team

Friendships, good mood and togetherness describe our team. We organize different team building events  from board games in the office to weekend trips, most of which begin with a simple question like “Let’s go to the cinema, shall we?” or “How about we go kart racing?”

When organizing professional evenings or meetings, we always make sure everyone has a chance to share their views and ideas.

It is important for us to be on good terms with our business partners, so we often invite them to join our events.