About us

Who are we?

Our team’s IT experts offer software development, database consulting and educational services in Hungary and with a growing tendency in foreign countries as well.

Our database consultants engage in Oracle databases and middleware systems, Linuxes/Unixes, the operation and supervision of virtualization solutions and are the sole providers of a 7*24 hour hotline support in the country.

The specialties of our software development team are the JavaEE, the SOA, business intelligence and mobile applications. They develop unique, customized systems and reusable, customizable systems as well as working on external projects.

As an Oracle Education Centre we fulfill a decisive role in the education of the Oracle databases in Hungary and our instructors’ expertise is also acknowledged internationally. The participants of our lectures are generally satisfied with our job and return to us again.

Our work is characterized by professional persistence and reliability. Due to our expertise and decent approach we became an essential participant of Hungary’s IT world. Our daily lives are characterized by good atmosphere, convergent teamwork and the support of human values.

Balázs Papp
Senior consultant

“After finishing my studies I began working at Webváltó Kft as a database administrator. After years of experience and study, I see that the invested work is beneficial both financially and professionally. There are always new challenges, interesting assignments and positive feedback both from clients and the company. The firm puts great emphasis on professional development, there are always examination opportunities, therefore I have completed nearly all exams available. Among others I have become an Oracle Certified Master which I’m very proud of. I am highly motivated by diverse projects and new challenges and it would be great if more career entrants chose the “healing” of databases, as it holds countless opportunities and unique outcomes.”

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Our creed

The philosophy of our operation has three basic pillars: continuous professional development, solidary community and the support of human values.

With the rapid growth of informatics we can only keep up if we do everything for the professional development of our colleagues. We provide a flexible schedule for our co-workers who are still pursuing their education, we urge everyone to self-develop and we participate in conferences and professional meetings. We make an effort to not only keep up with informatics, but to always be aware of new technologies and by utilizing them we aspire to become a part of this development.

As a cohesive community our daily lives are spent in great atmosphere among not only colleagues, but friends as well. We achieve professional success while caring for fundamental human values. Within our community we pay special attention to those with children, we organize team building programs and we try to provide a pleasant work space. We are always respectable towards our clients, representing their interests and working on accomplishing their ideas as they were our own.

Antal Becski
Developer consultant

“I got to know the team at a lecture for career entrants. I was fascinated by the quality of the lecture and the thought that if it’s like this for strangers, what must it be like for employees. I have never before learned as much as I have at this company.
I love how wide-ranging and interesting the tasks are and that I have a say in what I prefer to get engaged in. After finishing a task feedback is regular, which helped me develop rather quickly. It feels decent to know that what I do has a point and that I am surrounded by people who I get along with and that going to work is not a chore. Last but not least the coffee is delicious.

“Only those companies can reach extensive success that above all appreciate their colleagues and their knowledge. This knowledge will become the main competitive advantage, along with the collaboration between the co-workers of companies alike. This has become my declared philosophy of managing a company and the years have proven that this approach really does move one forward. Our work is characterized by professional persistence and reliability. Due to our expertise and decent approach we became an essential participant of Hungary’s IT world.”

Tamás Kerepes
Managing director

The team

Our team is characterized by friendships, good atmosphere and convergence. We organize several team building programs, spanning from board games at the office to trips on the weekends, most of them starting out as Let’s go see a movie vagy Let’s go go-karting.

When we organize professional nights, meetings, we put great emphasis on letting everyone share their ideas and perceptions in each matter.

We think it is key that we have a friendly relation with our partners, thus they join us at most of our gatherings.

“In the mentorship the team leader, the newly joined career entrants and myself work together to ensure the development of all our new colleagues. We work so that everybody can find balance between working on tasks that they enjoy while also improving. The goal is to make sure that all our team members obtain experiences, which when facing challenges in a given situation eventually will tell them to say „Yes, I can do this, if not now then I will learn to do it at some point” let it be a project within the company or an external one.”

Ágota Papp
HR Manager

What do we do?

Database consultation

We provide the operation of Oracle databases, middleware, Linux/Unix systems, virtualization solutions and a 7*24 hour hotline support as well as long distance supervision. We often provide the installation, consolidation and migration of big systems. IT-hardening, tuning, error exploration also belong to our services.

Software development

The specialties of our software development team are the JavaEE, the SOA, business intelligence and mobile applications, in which fields we have numerous successful projects under our belts. The developmental works of our experts are diverse, ranging from individual system development to “ready” products.

Transport informatics

On transport informatics developments we work closely together with our partner team. With our intelligent traffic software solutions we help make both the providers’ and the passengers’ life easier. From the dynamic passenger orientation, to the high-level visualization of backtestings and analyses we provide handy and fast software devices to several service layers.

Big Data

The knowledge of our experts range from the planning and shaping of infrastructure and data collection to the utilization of the information hiding in the data. Besides counselling we also engage in teaching these topics as well as forming and operating systems. We also participate in the production, operation and fine-tuning of Cloud based and on-premise solutions.