Database Consulting

We provide administration, 24/7 support and remote management for Oracle Database and Middleware products, Linux/Unix systems as well as virtualized environments. We are proud to have renowned educators, and clients draw on our expertise on a daily basis. Our experts are often involved in building, consolidating and migrating large systems. We also offer tuning, troubleshooting and security hardening services.

We currently provide Emergency Hotline services for 30 clients, being available every day of the week and 24 hours a day to these clients. With Emergency Hotline we are No. 1 in this market segment.

We have over 10 years of experience in outsourcing, and a number of our clients completely outsourced their IT administration to us. Our support staff annually resolves about 1200 issues via remote access and 200 issues on-site, and we give expert advice in several thousand cases a year via phone or e-mail. With these figures, our company is among the market leaders in Hungary.


Our group started up with education, which gives us considerable experience in this field. We have provided training courses in 32 countries for over 3000 IT experts in over 4000 training days. We play a significant role in Oracle Database education in Hungary, and our know-how is recognized at international levels. Participants are generally satisfied with the courses we organize and many return to us later.

From 2015 we are accredited as an Oracle Education Center, which makes our company an official training site.

Besides Oracle Database, we also offer courses in Oracle Middleware, JavaEE, SOA, BPM, SQL, PL/SQL and several other technologies.


As an additional opportunity to our educational services, we provide mentoring and consulting appointments to our Clients, creating a personal connection between the instructor and student by this, whilst the trainings take place on a digital platform. This mentoring was created for our Clients, who are purchasing Training On-Demand (TOD) and Unlimited Learning Subscription (ULS. In the TOD and ULS educational form the students get video recordings, exercises and remote
desktop connection, so they can adapt the educational units individually. These consulting appointments are flexible in time and venue as well.
During these appointments beside dicussing the questions related to the teaching materials, our colleagues assess the mértékét of the processed digital units and give feedback to our Partners, so they can monitor that the adaptation of the teaching materials are actually take place.

Software Development

Our software developers specialize in JavaEE, SOA, BI and mobile applications. We have successfully completed numerous projects. Our experts do versatile work, which may be categorized as follows:

  • One-off or tailor-made IT systems

We develop complete software systems according to our clients’ requirements. Depending on the requirements, we do the entire development or we work with subcontractors and provide system integration.

  • Rent-a-Programmer

We often rent out developers, analysts, architects and even testers to IT projects managed by other companies. Our experienced lead developers and talented and hard working junior developers meet the expectations in the projects of general contractors successfully, always working with enthusiasm and often taking most of the burden within the group.

  • Reusable software

Some of our products work out-of-the-box, while others can be integrated with third-party products after customization. We are proud to offer Traffic IT solutions, and a data cleansing software.